Advanced Standing

Advanced standing indicates that students admitted to the College of Engineering are ready for junior and senior engineering classes – 300- and 400- level courses. Students must meet with their major advisers to fill out the application, which is available in all departmental offices.


Completion of the Required Courses

Advanced standing requires successful completion of the courses listed in the freshman and sophomore curricula of the chosen degree, with at least 12 units completed at the University of Arizona and no admission deficiencies. 

Under special circumstances, students may be deficient in one or two classes. However, deficiencies must be complete in the first semester in which the advanced standing was granted.

Some majors may require specific classes be taken before advanced standing is granted. These requirements change periodically, so please check with your engineering major adviser.


Cumulative Grade Point Average

The College of Engineering’s Advanced Standing GPA is based only on grades earned in required math, science and engineering courses. Each department sets its required GPA, and none is below 2.00. Minimum GPA requirements change from time to time, so please discuss the matter with your engineering academic adviser. 

Advanced Standing GPA

Aerospace Engineering



Environmental Engineering


Biomedical Engineering



Industrial Engineering


Biosystems Engineering



Materials Science & Engineering


Chemical Engineering 



Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering



Mining Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering



Optical Sciences & Engineering


Engineering Management


Systems Engineering


Advanced Standing may be revoked if the student's University of Arizona grade-point average or the major grade-point average falls below 2.00.


Requirements for Students from Other UA Colleges

Students enrolled in colleges other than the College of Engineering wishing to enroll in 300- or 400-level engineering courses are expected to have fulfilled the same criteria relative to their own majors and met course prerequisites with good academic progress indicated in their final grades. Requests to enroll in 300- or 400-level engineering courses can be submitted to the departments offering the courses.