Checking Completion of Degree Requirements for Graduation

The final degree audit is a required process for ensuring degree requirements have been met before graduation. Requests to complete degree requirements must be submitted the semester prior to your expected graduation date – in the fall semester for spring graduation or in the spring semester for summer or fall graduation.

Please follow these steps for your UA College of Engineering final degree audit:

  • Pick up an instructional handout in the Academic Affairs Office, Room 200 in the Engineering Building.
  • Take the survey listed on the handout, print the confirmation page, and submit it to the Academic Affairs Office. On receipt of confirmation, Academic Affairs staff will provide you with an application for degree candidacy.
  • Complete the application for degree candidacy, then Academic Affairs staff will give you a final degree check form, commonly referred to as the “pink sheet,” and a handout with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Meet with your academic adviser to confirm your graduation status.


Please note: You must review your Student Academic Progress Report, or SAPR, to ensure all degree requirements have been met.