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Now is the time to start working toward your career goals. Every UA Engineering student is expected to participate in at least one internship, usually done in the summer – for pay, academic credit or both – or a research experience, plus a design project. Doing internships is one of the best ways to gain professional experience, boost your resume and grad school applications, and stand out after graduation in a highly competitive job market.


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An enterprising internship today sets the stage for your career tomorrow.

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Your Job Search

Find your internship, work toward your career goals and ultimately land the job of your dreams. From interviewing advice to job search tips and tools, these resources will guide you along your path.

Job Search Tips

  • Use Monster and Linkedin resources for networking and searching.

  • Get online career coaching, and search for engineering internships at O*Net OnLine.

  • Apply for internships directly on company websites.

  • Schedule informational interviews with alumni and company representatives, and attend UA networking events.

Student Ambassadors

Interviewing Advice

Being prepared is the key to remaining calm and focused throughout the interview process. Remember, everything you say and do could make the difference between getting hired or going home empty-handed. Do your homework, practice your interview skills and shine as a confident, likable candidate.

Interview Advice

An Internship for Every Student

Be Inspired

News 1

Avalon McLeod

After working on a hyperspectral camera for her capstone project, 2022 optical sciences and engineering graduate Avalon McLeod headed to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to work on a similar product “They were definitely interested in me largely because of this project.”

News 2

Wyatt Pena

Wyatt Pena (BS, engineering management, 2017) is the director of operations at Ridgetop Group, an Interdisciplinary Capstone program sponsor. “There are so many skills and lessons I learned from the capstone project and my SIE courses that are directly transferrable to industry.”

News 3

Gabbi Hansen

Arizona Ambassador and Tau Beta Pi member Gabbi Hansen earned her chemical engineering degree with honors in 2022. She’s gone on to earn an MS in chemical engineering, with an emphasis in cosmetics engineering, from Manhattan College.

News 4

Angelica Gutierrez

Angelica Gutierrez (BS industrial engineering, 2021) interned at E. & J. Gallo Winery after graduation, then began a full-time position as part of the company’s Technical Development Management Program.

Getting Academic Credit

Academic credit for industry internships is earned through department and College 493 elective courses. Internships must be relevant to degree programs, approved by faculty members in charge of the courses, and completed during the semester of enrollment in the class. Please consult your undergraduate adviser about whether your particular internship will count toward credits for your degree.

Steps for Internship Credit

Register for ENGR 493, available to all UA Engineering undergraduates, or a major-specific 493 course.
Submit on official letterhead a letter, email or memo from your supervisor or HR representative indicating:

  • Begin and end dates that fall in the semester you are registered for the 493 course.
  • Total number of hours or hours per week you will work.
  • Brief summary of intended work projects.
  • Your supervisor’s name and contact information.

Sample Offer Letter (PDF)
Complete your approximately 10-page professional technical report, including the following:

  • Evidence – for example, drawings, charts, sketches, spreadsheets, code, photographs, calculations and screenshots of your internship. Remember, your employer may want to screen the materials to avoid disclosure of proprietary information or ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Explanation of how you applied classroom learning in your internship specific courses that helped and how you see the internship influencing your remaining academic courses.

Sample Technical Paper (PDF)
Receive a final grade. Grades for 493 courses are assigned as follows by the supervising faculty member: P (pass) and S (superior), which do not count toward your GPA, D and E, which do count toward your GPA, or Incomplete if your internship report requires revisions.


 Student Ambassadors

Value Added for Engagement

The University of Arizona is dedicated to student-centered activities that build on classroom learning and help develop professional and personal skills. Successful completion of an internship course satisfies requirements for the University of Arizona’s Engaged Learning Experience. Your transcript will note the success, corroborating your internship experience for potential employers and grad schools.

In addition to internships, the University and College of Engineering have a number of options – research, study abroad, the Craig M. Berge Engineering Design Program and leadership communities, for example – that meet the criteria for engaged learning experiences.

 Student Ambassadors

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