Recognizing Excellence

Craig M. Berge Dean David W. Hahn announced in 2022 an expanded College of Engineering Annual Awards program for faculty and staff. The program, with an awards ceremony each spring, recognizes outstanding achievements and excellence in support of research, teaching and service.

Staff Awards Faculty Awards Student Award College-Wide Diversity Award


More Awards Information

Visit the Annual Awards page for information on categories and nomination criteria. Read the article about the 2023 award winners.

2023 Award Winners

  • Leadership Award
    Ana Rodriguez
  • Outstanding Advisor/Mentor
    Lori Huggins
  • Innovation Award
    Susan Novosel
  • William P. Cosart Award
    Holly Altman & Grace Fuller
  • Outstanding Supporter of Diversity & Inclusion
    Kathleen Melde
  • Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentor
    Ming Li
  • Teacher of the Year (T/TT)
    Paul Blowers
  • Teacher of the Year (Career Track)
    Kay Thamvichai
  • Researcher of the Year
    Reyes Sierra
  • Peterson Family Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award
    Hongyue Jin
  • Wildcat Engineering Student Society Recognition of Excellence
    Materials Advantage Student Club


Staff Awards


In support of primary units or teams, or the college overall


Innovation and problem solving in primary units or teams, or the college overall

Outstanding Advisor/Mentor

Excellence and caring in support of students

William P. Cosart Award

Annually recognizes, since 2001, an individual’s exemplary service to the College of Engineering

Faculty Awards

Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentor

As exemplified by PhD student scholarly success via papers, conference presentations and dissertations

Teacher of the Year – Two Awards, One Tenure/Tenure-Track and One Career-Track

Undergraduate or graduate education

Researcher of the Year

Research and scholarship as evidenced by large and/or numerous grants, numbers of papers and citations, collaborative efforts and professional society recognitions

Peterson Family Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award

Teaching, research and service for a tenure-track or early career-track faculty member (first five years of career or prior to promotion package submission)

Student Award

Wildcat Engineering Student Society Recognition for Excellence

Goes to one engineering student group each year

College-Wide Award

Outstanding Supporter of Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering

A student, staff or faculty member who promotes diversity and inclusion in the College of Engineering and the engineering profession


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