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UA chemical engineering students use their knowledge of chemistry, math and physics to solve problems in areas such as the design and manufacturing of consumer products, production of food, and provision of clean water and air.

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Chemical Engineering

A UA chemical engineering degree often serves as a launch pad to medical school or into the growing field of biomedicine.

Academic Focus Areas

UA chemical engineering is one of only a few approved College of Engineering pre-med programs. The three academic focus areas prepare students for careers in a broad range of industries.

  • Environmental is focused on increasing environmental safety in industry and reducing emissions and contaminants in the environment.
  • Biomedical centers around modernizing disease diagnostics and treatment.
  • Pre-medical prepares students to succeed in medical school


Chemical Engineering Program

Research Opportunities

UA chemical engineers are finding better ways to protect and repair the environment, improve the human condition, and ensure sustainability. And chemical engineering students tend to make the most of studying at a Tier-1 research institution. In fact, more than 90 percent of chemical engineering undergraduates are estimated to be involved in research at some point during their time at the University.

Researchers are advancing processes, technologies and understanding in the following areas, for example:

  • Algae-based biofuels
  • Water treatment and reuse
  • Clean semiconductor manufacturing
  • Desalination
  • Solar energy
  • Drug delivery
  • Cancer detection and treatment
  • Climate change

Outside the Classroom

Not only is undergraduate research a mainstay of UA chemical engineering, but also many students do internships. Additionally, clubs and organizations play an important role in students’ personal and professional development, strengthening leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

The honor society Omega Chi Epsilon promotes creativity, entrepreneurship, professionalism and camaraderie among chemical engineering students. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers hosts social events and provides opportunities for mentoring, tutoring and professional networking. And, in the UA Home Brew club, students put chemical engineering skills to the task with craft brewing techniques.

Career Paths

UA chemical engineering is known for getting students where they want to go, whether it is a prestigious medical or graduate school somewhere in the world or a career in any number of industries – manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, design and construction, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, specialty chemicals, polymers, biotechnology, or environmental health and safety.


Chemical Engineering Degree